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Plainfield Township was detached from Sable Township in 1868. At it's very first meeting, it was voted to raise $150 by tax for Plainfield Township purposes. The records do not state why the name Plainfield was chosen, but one report suggests that Samuel W. Chilson felt the name fit the nature of the land. Hale was named in 1886.

One of the earliest residents was Sodney Mucka Poosh, th eldest son of Preacher John, who was the chief of the Chippewa tribes living around Dease and Long Lake and a believer in the Christain religion which he preached to his people. Sodney's mother died when he was a baby and his maternal grandmother took him. Her name being Adams, he took that name. During his youth he was taken into the home of a white man in Owosso and through his kindness learned to love the "whites". He later returned to Iosco County, found his family to be Christians and good citizens. He also made sure they recieved an education.

In October of 1871, the first settlers arrived in the area of Plainfield Township later known as Hale. They were David and Emmaliza Love with their two children, John and Charles. Thomas Love who settled a homestead of 200 acres. William Shad who established Shad house. E.V. Esmond and wife with their two children, Arlo and Maud. Clark Esmond and his wife with their children Robert and Ella. Alonzo Knight and soon after, D.E. Guiley and family. In 1884 Stacy Yawger was hired to build the Baptist Church and Twonship Hall. He established Hale's first bank in 1904.

In 1901, Hale's first doctor, Dr. Andrew Cowie arrived. Dr. Cowie was later in charge of the telephone lines which were located in his office building. During a severe ice storm in the winter of 1922, many of the telephone lines were damaged. It was at this time that A.E. Greve from South Branch bought the company and repaired the lines. He brought his son, (Peggy Lewis' grandfather), Fritz, with him to help operate the board known as a "Jackboard" and to repair the lines. Mr. Greve moved his family to Hale and operated the phone company and the drug store. He later increased the lines to include Sand Lake.

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