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Some basic Outlook Express Tips

Everyone should know how to use Outlook Express. It is an email tool that comes with Windows. When you sign up for internet service, your provider gives you an email through them (example. Yourname@m33access.com). Here are some tips on reading, composing & sending email. Any respectable internet service provider should help you set this account up in outlook over the phone.

READING E-MAIL: When you click on the outlook express icon it will open & take you directly to your INBOX, if you are all ready online it will automatically receive any emails that you have & they will be displayed in the top window of the screen, it will show you who it is from, the subject & usually the date received. To view an email simply click on the message & it will be previewed right below in the bottom window. After you read the email you can choose to delete it, or simply leave it if you would like to go back to it later.

DELETING EMAIL: When you are ready to delete an email simply click on the message so it is highlighted & then click on the RED X at the top in your toolbar. The email is then deleted from your INBOX & goes to your DELETED ITEMS FOLDER. Emails remain in the deleted items folder until you delete them. It is a good idea to empty this folder from time to time. To do this the easy way, go to the deleted items folder, go to edit, click on EMPTY DELETED ITEMS FOLDER, it will then ask if you are sure, you click yes & the items are then deleted permanently from your computer.

SENDING EMAIL: Sending email can be very easy & pleasant in Outlook Express, There are few different ways to go about this. One way is to create mail. You will find the CREATE MAIL button at the top left corner when you are in outlook express, click this when you would like to send a brand new email. A new message window will open, you must type in the address you want to send to, type in a subject, then go down to the composing window & begin typing. When done click on SEND in the upper left corner of the message. Your message is then sent to the email address you entered. If you received an email from a friend & would like to reply to that person, simply click on REPLY in the toolbar & a new window will open it will all ready be addressed to the person who sent it to you, with the same subject line. You can then start typing in the compose window, then click SEND & it will send the email to that person. If you receive an email you would like to send on to a different person, but not the person you received it from, you simply click on FORWARD in the toolbar & a new window will open, you will then need to type in the addresses of the people you want to send it to, click SEND & that email will then be sent on to the email addresses you typed in.

SENDING ATTACHMENTS: Sending attachments in outlook express is very easy. Once you have a little practice it only takes a few seconds. It is helpful if you know your computer & where things are stored also. If you have a picture, file on your computer that you would like to send on to friends (For this example we will say the picture you want to send as an attachment is located in your folder named MY DOCUMENTS.) Now while in outlook express go to create mail, type in the addresses, type in a subject, type in any text you would like in the compose area, then go to your toolbar click on the attach button (it looks like a paperclip) when you click this button a dialog box will open up asking you what file you want to send. It will show you the folders on your computer for example you will see desktop, my computer, my documents etc. you would highlight my documents, then click open, it will then show you the contents of that folder, you should see your picture or file there in the list, you then simply highlight the file you want to send & click attach. That dialog box will then close & you will see under the subject the file you have attached. You would then just click SEND & it will be sent. Depending on the size of the file it is usually instant. Some bigger files may take a little longer.

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